Mobile Garden DIY Workshop / Harajuku Kawaii Pop up @ New People (7/27-7/28)

Mobile Garden DIY Workshop w/ Japanese Architect Kyohei SakaguchiSponsored by MUJI


Mobile Garden House is part of his ongoing art project called Zero Yen House (since 2000). The project is inspired by homeless people’s structures built on a street in Tokyo, a degenerated urban society under advancing capitalism. It represents the dignity, sense of freedom, and vitality of individual dwellers, and the wisdom and creativity to produce something by hand. Sakaguchi finds elegant functionality embodied in homeless architecture. The Mobile Garden House is economical, sustainable, and fit for survival in this day and age.


◉ “How to Build a Mobile House” Do-It-Yourself Workshop by Kyohei Sakaguchi
▶▶▶7/28 (Sun) 11:00am – 6pm at outside booth on Post Street, Admission FREE
Festival goers can join (or just watch) Sakaguchi as he constructs an ingenious mobile garden house with workshop attendees that will be exhibited at the MUJI San Francisco retail store, MUJI SOMA, located at 540 9th Street, until the end of August when it will be auctioned. Proceeds will go to local organizations contributing to form a sustainable and green environment in the Bay Area.
For more about silent auction, see this page!

◉ Talk Session at UC Berkeley
● 7/29 (Mon) 6:30pm – 7:30pm (Reception 6:00pm)
● UC Berkeley Campus (112 Wurster Hall, Berkeley), Admission FREE
Kyohei Sakaguchi has been arguing all along that architecture is for everyone, even those who are the most poor. At this special talk session following the welcoming reception, he will be joined by Dana Buntrock (UC Berkeley) and Tomisaburo Hagiwara (MUJI) to discuss the “Rebirth of Community: Making Space for Living.”

6%DokiDoki Harajuku Popup shop ft Founder/Director Sebastian Masuda

▶▶▶ 7/27 (Sat) 12:00pm
Special Appearance of Art Director, SEBASTIAN MASUDA and KYARY PAMYU PAMYU!
HARAJUKU KAWAii!! POP-UP SHOP will also host a celebrity Guest of Honor appearance on July 27th (Sat) at 12:00pm by the visionary Kawaii fashion designer, Sebastian Masuda, founder of 6%DOKIDOKI. He will be joined by Japan’s official Ambassador of Kawaii – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – in a very special appearance. Human beat box phenomenon, DAICHI and HARAJUKU KAWAii!! models – EVA, Ayumi Seto, Yura, and Saki Sato will also join! 



2 thoughts on “Mobile Garden DIY Workshop / Harajuku Kawaii Pop up @ New People (7/27-7/28)

  1. Wish I’d been in SF for this! I’ve always been amazed by blue tarp homeless architecture in Tokyo – a lot of street people not only have totally organized compact living quarters they’ve constructed pretty ingeniously from stuff they scavenged on trash days, they even keep slippers by the door so they can take their shoes off when they go in.

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