11/23/12: BLOCK FRIDAY – A Community Potluck by Swap/Meet SF @ 1100 Market St.

Our nomadic neighbors, Swap/Meet SF, have organized a beautiful community gathering on the 1100 block of Market St.!!  Trying to bring everyone together in true spirit of giving thanks and sharing togetherness, instead of using the day to consume, be material, to obtain, and be superficially possessive.  Together We Rise.
Come out to make Block Friday the new Black Friday and use this day to create community!

swap/meet SF is going all out the day after Thanksgiving by transforming the 1100 block of Market Street into a giant potluck and community feast with a community table 100+ feet long.

By bringing the meal and tables out onto the street, we aim to create a community event of the truest form. Anyone and everyone from the city is welcome to join us for this special meal.

Music will also be provided by Street Stage, an UP:SF Makeathon select project.


We invite you to participate in anyway you can as this event won’t be a success without you!
  • Bring a dish to share and sit down to eat between 2 and 5pm on November 23rd
  • Let us know what you are bring to the potluck (sign up at http://tiny.cc/1123food)
  • Volunteer during the event (sign up at http://tiny.cc/1123volunteer)
  • Spread the word to friends, family and coworkers (http://tiny.cc/1123info)
  • Share the event on Twitter (@swapmeet_sf #BlockFriday)
  • Perform! We will have a stage for performers to play during the meal (email us at swapmeet.sf@gmail.com if interested)
If you are interested in donating to or sponsoring the event, please contact Jessica Watson of swap/meet at swapmeet.sf@gmail.com.

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