My name is Shayna Carolyn and I just recently moved back to San Francisco after spending a year studying abroad in Montreal, Quebec on the East coast of Canada. Throughout my travels and experiences, I learned a lot about myself and found some ways to focus my creative abilities, but I wasn’t sure how to take the next step toward turning my dreams into my reality. Meeting the crew at Holy Stitch! inspired me to stay focused and really put forth all of the energy and ideas I have to offer.
    My interest in fine art, street art & tattooing has lead me to a point where I am no longer satisfied with being a consumer. I want to also be a producer. While I stay dedicated to my own personal development of portraiture and figurative oil paintings, I also want to combine the different styles and mediums in order to create art that is adaptable and accessible, whether it be on clothing or on skin. I am now more determined than ever to learn both the art of tattooing and find ways become more involved in the street wear industry.
     Through Holy Stitch!, I have met some really incredible people. My new friend & fellow intern, Chanel is a perfect example of the type of artist I enjoy being around. She wants to learn & grow, and has great ideas about how to communicate her thoughts & emotions. She and I both feel like there needs to be a revolution within the street wear industry so more talented young women can be included. I believe that together, Chanel and I will be able to make a strong statement and prove that we can produce products that appeal to both men and women. We will show the world that women like us are capable and ready to keep up with the big boys. We could be the future leaders of the apparel industry and beyond.
     It’s all happening. One step at a time, we are turning our dreams into our reality.

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