Vegas baby

Andre here. Most call me Dre, but I have no preference. I’ll be going to SF State in the fall as a junior transfer working on my Kinesiology major. For those of you who don’t know, Kinesiology is the study of how the body moves which leads me to my next statement..as you can see in my photo..Dancin’ is my shit. And if you don’t see me dancing then most likely I’m studying or observing it, whether it’s the kids on Powell street or on YouTube. One significant characteristic about me is that you will ALWAYS see me with my headphones on…and if I don’t have them on, I feel straight up buck naked. My role as I roll with the Holy Stitch collective is, for the most part, still unknown but I do know I love clothing and I want to convey underlying messages with illustration of symbols. Messages that I feel are significant to how people live day-to-day. So my test to myself is to try to incorporate the two.

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