hello from jean hackman!

hello, this is jean hackman black man from japan about to crashland.


we have been on market street for two weeks now. thus we have learned a lot. similar to our tradeshow experience: we are a fish out of water, an amphibian? perhaps a feathered serpent? regardless we have evolved…

ever since i have been situated into the pop up space, i have found my job morphing into and away from what i originally though. meaning, i feel myself turning into what i always wanted to be. i just did not think it would happen in the way it is happening.

i was getting a fair amount of sleep in the first weeks but now i am loosing sleep because of:

1] the amount to graduating youth around me who are lost, career wise, and ask me for a job. on the daily.

2] how to fund, sponsor + maintain the team i have created along with my interns, apprentices, family and myself while living in SF.

3] how to register a non profit social club and then package and propagate our ideas.

4] how the heck are we going to get a bigger space.

5] and also because the new cooking intern likes to cook late.


i am known for sewing jeans, yet i have not sewn a pair in a while, let alone out fit as many people as i used to. so what is my real job? well today it is a little bit of everything you could not imagine. but what it will be is CULT LEADER, COTTON FIELDS OWNER, and of course MYSELF.

ever since i have had the space, i have been relaxing, drawing, reading, writing and cooking…i guess it adds structure. spending nights with my interns until 2am is not something i forsaw but is something that i truly enjoy to the maximum. my business and bottom line is by how many minds i am affecting.


it is 210 am and i am with 5 interns and we just made a japanese fried chicken dinner. 2 of them are drawing, one is freestyling and the rest are laughing at his weak rhymes. this is almost an every other day routine with Holy Stitch!

time to make jeans and money son….


i wrote this to this…

Till i collapse? (Hologram to Sonogram)

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