SF Summer Jobs!

“Mayor Ed Lee has joined the Obama Administration’s Summer Jobs+ Challenge, which was launched by the White House in January, as a call-to-action for businesses, non-profits and governments to provide meaningful job opportunities via summer employment for youth and young adults. Partners in this challenge include the Office of the Mayor, United Way of the Bay Area, AfterCollege, the San Francisco Unified School District, as well as many other community organizations training today’s youth for employment. Join the Mayor this summer by becoming a part of his SF Summer Jobs+ initiative!”

Holy Stitch! has teamed up with the mayor and pledged 5-15 internships or apprentices.

Do you want an opportunity to be apart of the Holy Stitch! Social Denim Club team as an intern or apprentice?! Please let us know!

Job Description

We are looking for interns and apprentices in the following departments: video/ marketing/ sewing/ music/ graphic design/ photography/ men’s/women’s clothing design. Interns are entry level applicants who will graduate into apprentices who work for Holy Stitch! on a temporary basis where as apprentices are near permanent. Tasks vary depending on the department generally include shadowing a mentor in their field assisting with daily tasks and hopefully becoming the mentor’s right hand. Specific tasks vary from helping with emails, going to events, cleaning up the studio, assisting with the store front, helping customers and most importantly thinking up concepts within their department to execute while Holy Stitch! provides the resources. They also will serve as a mentor and teacher once proficiency is exhibited.


We believe that the desire for success and hunger to win is always better than skills. It is harder to unlearn than it is to learn. We are looking for the combination of heart and skills. – Clear communication of one’s ideas. – Ability to conduct themselves in different environments. – Open mindedness and out-of-the-box thinking. – Punctual and consideration of others time. – Diligence, focus and determination. – Positive attitude.

**Potential interns or apprentices for the SF Summer Jobs+ must be 16-24 years old who live or go to school in San Francisco.

Email us at holystitch@juliandash.com

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